From this page you can download the latest BETA versions of MBench.

Please note that BETA versions are not complete and should only be downloaded if you are either interested to get a brief look at what MBench will be like or want to help with bug testing.

Download the latest BETA version

This beta version was uploaded to this page on 2-10-96. If you have an earlier version then please see the updates page for a list of changes since the last upload aswell as a list of any known bugs .

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a known bug with this version that was not in the last one that can cause SOME machines to crash on startup. I am looking into this and should hopefully have the problem fixed soon. Along with the many enforcer hits that are currently present.(I have a MMU which so far has only taken about 6 Weeks and still no sign!!!!

No please feel free to take your time with the accelerator Wizard.

Click here to download the latest BETA version (115K).
The download problem should now be fixed. The archive is just a normal LHA file even though it doesn`t look like one. Just something to trick the incorrectly set up web server.

Use lha to unarchive it and read the docs for installation.

Bug Reporting

If you notice a bug then please report it to me. A number of bugs are knows about and may already have been reported/corrected by the time you find it. Please look on the updates page for the latest information.
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