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Welcome to the MBench Home Page

MBench is a replacement for the workbench part of the AmigaOS.

Download Problem Fixed

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This picture shows MBench running on an 800x600 screen. It shows the font sensitive information requester aswell as rename, open location and copy and delete operations taking place all at the same time.


MBench takes the existing workbench as a starting point and tries to improve on it in a number of areas. The current specification of MBench is:

Version Details

MBench is to be released as FREEWARE. You will be able to freely distribute MBench and use it with no obligations. You are encouraged to register (for free), by sending me an e-mail, so that I can give you information on updates aswell as keep track of how usefull MBench is.
There will also be an enhanced version of MBench that will feature the list view modes mentioned above that will be available for a fee of 10 Pounds + P&P.

Other pages

Download Beta versions here.
Updates to MBench are posted here.
See the MBench FAQ for answers to some of your queries.

Contacting Me

Please feel free to e-mail me at :

(NOTE) As I am at university, my e-mail is changing depending on if it is term time or not. My current contact address will always be available from this site.

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